Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Why am I the only one I know who saw the obvious Christian allegory in the original Tron movie? Sure, someone might think that because I'm a Christian I just "Christianize" everything. Well, I don't.

What story am I talking about here?:

There's a world which is under the control of an evil, oppressive Being. That Being was created but is trying to take control of the world and set himself up as the Creator. He teaches that there is no Creator but himself. He punishes all benigs in the world who don't hold to this belief. But one day the Creator of the world condescends into the world and becomes one of the beings of his created world. The evil Being tries to kill the Creator but fails. The Creator encounters the beings of the world who are being persecuted and told there are no is no Creator. "Do you believe in (a Creator)...?" is spoken by dying hope of many. This Creator brings a being back from the dead and performs miraculous deeds in the world, altering that world in ways no other being has ever done. And in the end, the Creator sacrifices himself to save that world, his death freeing the world from enslavement and oppression. In his moment of glory, the Creator ascends out of that world in a beam of pure light.

The Bible or Tron? How many movies can do that?

Add to that, when Jeff Bridges incarnates into the computer world, the red soldiers of the MCP are herding all unwanted, dissident programs into the "arena" for "games" and the entertainment of those in power and ultimately leading to their demise. How is this not an obvious mirror of the Roman persecution of Christians (and others)?

I'm not saying that EVERYTHING in the movie is an allegory of the Christian story but that while in the Tron-world, the story there is very much like the Christian story, more than what is merely accidental.