Friday, April 18, 2008


Normally, this site is only for NT-related discussions, but I'll make an exception today.

After a rigorous set of interviews, by the grace of God, BIOLA officially offered me the 1-year full time position: Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies. Praise God!

Highlights from the interview process:

* The first interview: I got the strong impression (to my surprise) that my association with D.A. Carson was hindering rather than helping me. I think they were afraid I was a "Mini-Carson", which, to them, was not necessarily a good thing.

* New Testament Theology: After finishing the guest-lecturing, I shook hands with a student who told me, "If I wasn't graduating I'd take all of your classes." That's encouraging!

* In-class Evaluation Feedback: I was overwhelmed reading the feedback students gave about my teaching/ lectures. The Dean was apparently quite impressed by the strong, positive feedback also. One that stood out was a student who basically said, "I thought I was going to hate Greek but now I actually look forward to it." Yea!

* The Biblical Studies Interview: One professor was essentially asking me, "Do you read the Bible?" (in response to the idea that I don't do quiet times). I don't blame them for wondering!

* The All-Talbot-Chair Interview: The very first question was raised by a professor who asked, "Reading here about how you do creative writing on the side, do you have a 'Harry Potter-like' book buried somewhere? After all we have to, what, raise $55 million for the new Talbot building, right?" Honestly, if I had J.K. Rowling's money, I'd give hugely to BIOLA, no doubt about it.

* Various individual interviews: Meeting with the Vice-Provost, the Provost, and Talbot's Dean (twice) was an amazing thing. These are godly men with decades of wisdom and maturity that I'd be happy to achieve half of in the same lifetime. Even that All-Chair meeting was, whew, like a slice of the Kingdom come.

Thank you all, all of you who supported, prayed, encouraged, and wrote positive feedback on my behalf. I hope to live up to the high calling to which the Lord and you have brought me.